I'd Hate to Catch a Tiger

Art work for an accoustic band I'm In.



Did this in exchange for some eats at my friend James'. we've named him Gus.


Wood Rings

Stood for so long,
that grass grew up legs.
now we're muddled up in landscape.
The apple that got dropped,
is a tree in its teens,
nervous for the first crop.

I took the spelk out your eye,
and soon enough I get to work on the plank left in mine.
took an axe to my arm,
to see the wood rings for myself
and truely know my real age.

Doesn't look so good,
if i counted up correctly.
I'm already far behind in the race that I was born to.
It doesn't look real great at all,
I staired out and mouthed the worst word.
didnt mean to make noise,
but I know that it got herd.

Moon Pie



More band art.


Ask Her What She'd Like To Be

Font size

The White Room

This was a commission Piece for the bar
The White Room. I'm all about the geometrics with this one.

My Head Space

Portraits. Top left Jabbo monk. Top right me.

Bottom left my brother James. bottom right is an imagined person.

Old Style Exercise

Spray paint and sharpies.

No Hot Ashes - Lets Buy Happiness

No Hot Ashes is the EP for my band Lets Buy Happiness I designed and put together about 100 it was an arduous task resulting in a couple of late nights and family slave labour. if you'd like to listen or purchase this EP or any of the songs please visit http://www.myspace.com/letsbuyhappinessuk.

Jelly Fish Weight

This is an illustration I've done for a zine called Alas I Cannot Swim. Basically someones being held under water by jelly fish. Bit morbid but there you go haha.


Paper Prey

Hello. This is the First Illustrations I'm putting up. This collection is called Paper Prey. I'm not one that goes on about the meanings of work. At the minute I'm leaning towards drawing; odd looking men, psychedelic on going patterns, with a bit of floral jammed in there.

Your comments would be super!