Did this in exchange for some eats at my friend James'. we've named him Gus.


Wood Rings

Stood for so long,
that grass grew up legs.
now we're muddled up in landscape.
The apple that got dropped,
is a tree in its teens,
nervous for the first crop.

I took the spelk out your eye,
and soon enough I get to work on the plank left in mine.
took an axe to my arm,
to see the wood rings for myself
and truely know my real age.

Doesn't look so good,
if i counted up correctly.
I'm already far behind in the race that I was born to.
It doesn't look real great at all,
I staired out and mouthed the worst word.
didnt mean to make noise,
but I know that it got herd.

Moon Pie



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